Yggdrasil drops some Fruit Bombs
Vital statistics
Title Yggdrasil
Gender Unknown
Element None
Health Medium-High
Location World Tree, Area 12

Yggdrasil is the Area 12 boss. It becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the Hunting Ground and the Great Forest.

Defeating Yggdrasil will yield anywhere between 50,000-400,000 Gold. It can also drop Fruit in place of a bag of Gold.


According to legend, Yggdrasil connects the four corners of the world with its roots - and it may also span multiple dimensions. Its leaves are gold as the sun, signifying its link with the greater cosmos.


Yggdrasil is large and moves slow, but has three relatively strong attacks:

  • Thunderbolt. Yggdrasil summons a thunderbolt from the top of the screen at the player's position. It is sustained for about five seconds.
  • Nine Bolts. Yggdrasil fires three bursts of three small lightning bolts, one aimed directly at the player, and one each 20 degrees above and below.
  • Fruit Bombs. Yggdrasil drops Fruit in random positions around it, which explode after six seconds, or when the player touches one.


While expensive, a large sword is a must - the closer you are to Yggdrasil, the more likely you are of getting hit by a Nine Bolts or a Fruit Bomb. Try to hug the bottom of the screen, which will give you the most time to dodge Thunderbolts. Having said this, think about investing a couple dozen bonus points into width, and watch above where you are standing at all times.

In this Area, you receive a new helper, Nin Nin. Grab her immediately - while she may die during the battle, the healing she provides will save you more than once here. At least 30 Vitality is recommended - the amount of Thunderbolts it throws at you will guarantee you get hurt at least once, and sometimes it will catch you between a Nine Bolts and a Thunderbolt. Keep moving, but be careful, and be a little bit patient.