The player has four Stats that determine how the player interacts with enemies. Three stats directly affect battling ability, but the fourth deals with drops and spawning.

Each stat can be raised at a Shrine in exchange for Gold, or can be raised for free through finding Fruit.

Shrine locations

Locations of each of the four shrines on the world map: Red = Strength, Blue = Vitality, Green = Intelligence, and Purple = Luck.


Strength affects how much damage the player does with a sword. Unlike sword level, Strength affects all swords equally, and to a greater degree, per level, than individual sword level. The downside is Strength is usually much more expensive to increase than sword level.


Vitality affects how much damage the player can take from enemies. Similar to Strength, Vitality affects the player, rather than just armor. A Vitality level of 200-300 is sufficient for most regular enemies - some bosses may require a bit more investment.


Intelligence affects how much damage the player does with Magic. While not as important as Strength, Intelligence is partially necessary, as some enemies can only be killed with Magic. It is also useful as a supplement to the damage done by swords, speeding up fights in a noticeable fashion.


Luck has a number of functions. First, it increases the drop rate for jewels or Fruit, and the amount of Gold each enemy drops, should they drop Gold. More interestingly, Luck increases the chances of seeing a higher-level family member in a given family. For instance, in the Skeleton family, high Luck results in more Skeleton Knights and Skeleton Heroes on average. Luck is a very useful tool for filling out the Library, as well as in grinding.


Each Fruit picked up by the player increases a certain stat by one point. Fruits are color coded for easy identification:

  • Red: Strength
  • Blue: Vitality
  • Green: Intelligence
  • Purple: Luck

Fruits can be found from Trents, Yggdrasil, the False God, and the Avatar, who drops a hefty amount of each kind of Fruit when it dies.