Snow Queen
Snow Queen
The Snow Queen casting her signature Icicle Storm
Vital statistics
Title Snow Queen
Gender Female
Element Light
Health High
Location Palace, Area 13

Do not let anyone tell you the far north is owned by the dark. Far from it. As long as we are here, and this palace stands, we will protect the light.

—The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen is the Area 13 boss. She becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the House, the Villa, and the Mansion.

Defeating the Snow Queen will yield anywhere between 75,000-600,000 Gold. She can also drop Diamond in place of a bag of Gold.


The Snow Queen is the de-facto leader of the forces of Light - not necessarily the army of righteousness, but at least the Light-affiliated creatures of the world. She regularly meets with representatives of races such as the Harpies (particularly Seraphs) and humans.

Recently, some dark races, most of all the Succubi have grown somewhat friendly with her, as both sides are working together to ensure peace in the Area.


The Snow Queen moves moderately slow and has three attacks:

  • Icicle Storm. The Snow Queen spams a large amount of icicles in random directions, mostly facing the player, but they can fly in any direction.
  • Blue Beam. A blue circle homes in on her hand and then a beam shoots out in the player's direction.
  • Heart

Out of the three, her clear favorite is Icicle Storm, which she uses almost constantly.


Fighting against Icicle Storm is extremely tough without some form of protection. Nin Nin is an absolute must - she is likely to last through the fight and if the player is far enough away from the Snow Queen, Nin Nin's healing aura can be taken full advantage of. Don't try to wave all over the place, just enough to dodge icicles that are coming directly towards you - this way you can maintain precise control of your movement, which is necessary for your survival. Make sure you have at least 40 Vitality, and preferably upgraded armor.

A large sword is great, but a screen-sized one shouldn't be necessary - just long enough to dodge both icicles and Hearts, should one appear. You may also consider enchanting your sword with Ruby, as she, being ice-affiliated, is weak to fire.