Shrine locations

Locations of each of the four shrines on the world map: Red = Might (Strength), Blue = Endurance (Vitality), Green = Knowledge (Intelligence), and Purple = Fate (Luck).

Shrines are places where the player can increase each of his or her four base stats. They are scattered around the world, unlocking one by one as each area is uncovered.

Each Shrine is a pillared structure, the inside of which contains the image of a strange blue head. Above it is a button containing a bag of Gold. Pressing this button will dedicate an amount of Gold in exchange for one point in the stat awarded by that Shrine. The amount needed for leveling up that stat is

(current level) * 10000.

Shrines can get quite expensive very quickly, but in exchange, most monsters will be defeated as quickly, meaning more income for the player.

The four Shrines are:

  • Shrine of Might (Strength): Area 2
  • Shrine of Endurance (Vitality): Area 6
  • Shrine of Knowledge (Intelligence): Area 9
  • Shrine of Fate (Luck): Area 12

Inside a Shrine.

Trophy of Glory TestsEdit

When the Trophy of Glory is equipped, each Shrine becomes hostile, and holds a trap the player must overcome:

  • Shrine of Might: A red-brick wall with a giant red flashing eye, called the Great Wall, which gradually moves left from off screen, killing anything it touches. If it is hit by Magic, it will be healed.
  • Shrine of Endurance: A Pixie which constantly fires Missiles. She will continue until the player is hit by anywhere between 50 and 60 Missiles, at which point she will disappear.
  • Shrine of Knowledge: A room full of Multiple Slimes, which can either be killed or stepped on. The player is considered to pass by stepping on at least ten of these slimes.
  • Shrine of Fate: A room full of bags of Gold. All but one of them, when the player comes into contact with the center of the bag, will explode, killing the player instantly. The player must find the bag containing real Gold. Luckily, the false bags are not so easy to activate, and the player can usually slip around them in a very tight fashion.

Passing each test will yield 100 Gold. When all four tests have been passed, the player can leave the world map.


  • To level up a stat quickly, press the Tab key, and the button will be highlighted. Holding down Enter will automatically press the button.
  • The Shrine of Endurance is the only Shrine where both parts of the name are capitalized. Additionally, in the Shrine of Knowledge, 'Shrine' is misspelled as 'Shirine'.