Sand Worm
Sand Worm
The Sand Worm scurries along under the safety of a Flower Blast
Vital statistics
Title Sand Worm
Gender Unknown
Element Earth
Health Medium-Low
Location Dune, Area 6

The Sand Worm is the Area 6 boss. It becomes available for challenge after the player conquers the Pyramid, the Tomb, the Forgotten Town, and the Dry Lake.

Defeating the Sand Worm yields anywhere between 20,000-75,000 Gold. It can also drop Topaz in place of a bag of Gold.


The Sand Worm is the largest desert creature in the world. More of a centipede than a true worm, it has hundreds of legs adapted for crawling on sand. To defend itself against potential predators, the Sand Worm has numerous fire-based attacks.


The Sand Worm moves outrageously fast, and it turns rapidly and in random directions. To make things worse, its Flower Blast launches eight missiles, both in the cardinal directions and on the diagonals.


Before attempting to fight the Sand Worm, buy the Buckler Shield from the Port in Area 5. 250,000 Gold is quite a lot, but farming older bosses, particularly the Dark Mist, should do the trick. You may also want to dramatically power up your sword beforehand, so as to get a bit more breathing room against it. At very close range, Flower Blast can be lethal. If worst comes to worst, the Shrine of Endurance is now open, so you can invest in a few points of Vitality for even more survivability.

Finally, Indigo Roger can serve as a third weapon, and his services are available for only 100 Gold, at this point peasant's change.

Dodging isn't too hard in this fight; it's positioning and quick reactions to the Sand Worm's erratic movements that will win the day. Be patient - if necessary, wait for it to come to you, instead of going to it.