Poseidon firing a Vortex Spiral
Vital statistics
Title Poseidon
Gender Male
Element Water
Health Medium
Location Floodgate, Area 7

Poseidon is the Area 7 boss. It becomes available for challenge after the player conquers the Lake, the Fishery, and the Copse.

Defeating Poseidon will yield anywhere between 40,000-100,000 Gold. It can also drop Aquamarine in place of a bag of Gold.


Poseidon is the king of the inland sea. Not only the largest creature in this body of water, he may very well be the most fearsome of any aquatic monster in the world. How he got here is unknown; some reports say that there is a large underground channel that runs beneath the swamps to the north, but this has never been proven.


Poseidon moves slowly. He has two attacks:

  • Tri-Vortex. Poseidon launches three whirlpools in the player's direction in rapid succession.
  • Vortex Spiral. Poseidon fires four whirlpools in a spiral, very similar to the regular Fire-based Spiral but a bit slower. In exchange, the whirlpools are larger and hit a wider area.


Beating Poseidon focuses more on surviving rather than offensive capabilities. Whirlpools are very large projectile-wise, and so are a bit harder to dodge than normal. During a Vortex Spiral (and there will be a lot of them) give each one a wide berth before you resume attacking. Similarly, the Tri-Vortex may sound easy to dodge, but often isn't as there will likely be many other obstacles on screen.

While not necessary, investing into slightly better armor may be of good use, as might be a few points of Vitality.

Offense-wise, try to stay closer to Poseidon, where the Vortex Spirals are easier to avoid. If you found a Ruby or two before this, feel free to enchant with them - the Katana, which already has 1 point of Fire, will be of great use here. Indigo Roger will offer his usual services also, so pick him up if he is not with you already.