The Necromancer summons some of his loyal minions
Vital statistics
Title Necromancer
Gender Male
Element Dark
Health Medium-High
Location Laboratory, Area 11

The Necromancer is the Area 11 boss. He becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the Wetlands and the Grove.

Defeating the Necromancer will yield anywhere between 40,000-300,000 Gold. He can also drop Onix in place of a bag of Gold.


At a secretive compound on the edge of the eastern forests, this strange man experiments with the undead and otherworldly enchantments. For what purpose exactly is unknown, but he has developed a system whereby he can call forth the ranks of the undead to assist him.


The Necromancer is small and moves slowly. By himself, he cannot hurt you (unless you touch him) but has one special move, the Onix Pulse, which pushes the player off screen and back out to the Area map.

He can also summon groups of any of the following: Skeletons, Zombies, Will-o'-the-Wisps, and Ghosts. Note that all enemies must be defeated in order to win and be able to advance to the next Area.


This is actually a very easy fight so long as you have a couple points in Intelligence. To prevent the Necromancer from pushing you off screen, equip the Coin of Bravery. He will still try to hit you with Onix Pulse, but the projectiles cannot harm you. Keep swinging and dodge Missiles and/or Spirals where necessary.