Mutant Cyclops
Mutant Cyclops
The Mutant Cyclops charges a Red Beam
Vital statistics
Title Mutant Cyclops
Gender Unknown
Element None
Health Medium-Low
Location Arena, Area 5

The Mutant Cyclops is the Area 5 boss. It becomes available for challenge after the player has conquered the Theater, the Tavern, and the Lighthouse.

Defeating the Mutant Cyclops will yield anywhere between 15,000-50,000 Gold.


Like any good coliseum, this Arena keeps a large hoard of animals, creatures and other fierce beasts to unleash on the competitors. The Mutant Cyclops is the most fearsome of them all - it may only have one eye, but the eye can do great damage to whatever its retina focuses on. Very few humans have dared to challenge this Cyclops and win.


The Mutant Cyclops (not to be confused with its cousins found later in the game) is very similar to any other hulking creature - it moves slowly and predictably. It has one attack, the Red Beam, which charges for a few moments and then launches toward where the player was standing when it activated. If the Mutant Cyclops turns around while the Beam is firing, the Beam will transfer to the opposite direction at an identical angle, as if it was mirrored.


Beams are one of the more annoying attack types in the game, but they are very highly predictable. Watch for the red circle to begin forming over the Mutant Cyclops - and run away as far as you can. Try to move up and down more than sideways, so you don't have to worry about the mirror effect. Otherwise, as long as your sword has been reasonably upgraded, this is not a hard fight.