Mimic as seen in the Library
Vital statistics
Name Mimic
Family None
Level 1
Element None
Health Low
Jewel Any
Home Forgotten Town, Area 6

Mimics are bags of Gold and Jewels which have come to life. They live in a desert village which was abandoned long ago due to a once-in-a-millennium sandstorm, burying three quarters of its residents under the sands for all time. Horrified, the rest dropped everything they had and scattered to the four winds. Some interesting theories about how Mimics exist have arisen - one in particular states that Mimics are simply a mirage, and the player is just attacking regular bags of Gold. The fact is, Mimics can do damage - and can easily catch people off-guard. They stay in place, however, and turn around every so often, so after a couple seconds, any facade will dissipate.