Maze Minotaur
Maze Minotaur
The Maze Minotaur unleashes a Spiral
Vital statistics
Title Maze Minotaur
Gender Male
Element None
Health Low
Location Maze, Area 3

The Maze Minotaur is the Area 3 boss. He becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the Park, the Sand Hill, and the Rock.

Defeating the Maze Minotaur yields anywhere from 5000-15,000 Gold.


This bitter and hateful Minotaur lives inside a giant cave which he has shaped into a labyrinth of epic proportions. Navigating it is usually difficult, but someone has already laid out a path for the player to go directly to the Minotaur himself. Being surrounded by intense heat from the lava has made the Maze Minotaur more fragile than others of his kind, but he has developed numerous fiery abilities.


The Maze Minotaur moves moderately slow. He has a Spiral attack, which fires out four missiles from the center of his body that circle to the right, getting faster and faster as they emanate.


Spiral missiles are easy enough to dodge individually, but the player may have to dodge more than once each time the attack happens. Where each 'pass' for each missile at a certain point is can be determined pretty easily. Once a missile has passed, move towards the Maze Minotaur and you will be safe until the next Spiral comes out.

Alternatively, if you stand just above and to the left of him, getting as close as you can without taking damage in melee, you should be able to avoid the Spiral 100% of the time. Be very careful to move with him, though, and not accidentally run into him while attacking, which will get you killed instantly.