Lizard Assassin
Lizard Asssassin
The Lizard Assassin throws a shuriken
Vital statistics
Title Lizard Assassin
Gender Male
Element Water
Health Medium-High
Location Swamp, Area 10

The Lizard Assassin is the Area 10 boss. He becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the Territory and the Bog.

Defeating the Lizard Assassin will yield anywhere between 35,000-275,000 Gold. He can also drop Aquamarine in place of a bag of Gold.


Lizards are well-known for being nimble and stealthy. This assassin has perfected the art, with abilities ranging from apparent teleportation to Water magics. He is one of the fastest creatures in the world as a result.


The Lizard Assassin runs around the screen extremely quickly, and has two attacks:

  • Shuriken
  • Vortex Spiral

When the player attacks, the Lizard Assassin teleports randomly to another spot on the screen, and a 'copy' of his old position fades away after a few moments.


While the Lizard Assassin's mobility makes most of the screen dangerous at any given time, he seems to avoid the far right of the screen. Position yourself there and face left - with a long sword, you can hit him a large percentage of the time. Keep moving up and down to avoid Shurikens, which are difficult to see against the swampy background. Watch for Vortex Spirals, and move left if one appears to be heading for the side of the screen.

If he is still giving you trouble, Efreet provides a steady supply of Ruby which will make the fight somewhat faster. He also drops a lot of Gold, which can be used to gain more length or width.