Library location

The Library's location on the world map.

The Library is a Shrine-like structure that acts as a compendium of all the enemies the player has killed. It is located in Area 10, on a hill overlooking the continent's north coast.

There are five pages of thirty enemies each; because there are 131 enemies in the game, the fifth and final page has only 11 possible entries. Monsters are ordered first by their location (Areas 1-16), then by their family's overall strength (stronger monsters come later in the directory), then by tier, 1 to 4. The various area bosses come at the end, in the order that the player encounters them, and then followed by the Doppleganger, the Abyss Worm, and finally the Avatar. The pages are unmarked, but wrap around, so the player does not need to scroll all the way back through to the beginning.

List of EnemiesEdit

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Regular Enemies



Pages are ordered by their appearance in the Library.