Inn location

The Inn's location on the world map.

The Inn is the player's home, and is where all of the player's equipment, be it swords, armor, accessories, spells, or jewels, is stored. It is also from here that the player can delete his or her savefile and start a new game.

Inventory ScreenEdit

Inventory screen

A sample inventory screen featuring all of the items that can be found in the game. The Claymore is highlighted as it otherwise would blend into the background, as it has been enchanted with Onix.

When entering the Inn, the player will appear on the inventory screen. Here, the player may exchange swords, armor and spells, equip or unequip accessories, and view both their jewel stockpiles and stats as a quick reference. When an item is clicked on, information regarding the item is shown in a window at the bottom right of the screen. For swords and armor, this will be the name, level, and enchantment level for each element. For accessories and spells, this will be the name and a brief description of what it does. For jewels, this will be the amount the player currently has. If the player has no jewels of a certain type, its corresponding window will be empty.

When the information screen is active, the player may also change the name of each item by clicking the small red square in the upper right, and then clicking on the name. A custom name may be no more than twelve characters, so for some items it may not be possible to revert back to the original name. Clicking the red square again will finalize the name change.

Help ScreenEdit

Going to the right of the inventory screen takes the player here. While termed a 'Help' screen, there is only one option, to reset the save data and start a new game. To do so, double click on the button on the left. A pixie lives in this room, gently floating around the center of the screen.

There is also a second 'secret' option, accessible by positioning the mouse just off the side of the screen directly left of the Clear Save Data button. If done successfully, a Japanese text box will appear. Clicking while it is on screen resets the player's gold to 0.


  • In the Japanese version of the game, there are actually three buttons in the Help screen, one for resetting save data, one for resetting the player's money, and one for resetting the player's armor and equipment. Only the first two are (sort of) available in the English version.
Help screen glitch

The Money Reset text box, with the Japanese text translated into Rōmaji and English.