Imp as seen in the Library
Vital statistics
Name Imp
Family None
Level 1
Element Dark
Health Medium
Jewel Onix
Home House, Area 13

Yeah, they're idiots, but they're also fun. Most of the time. About five years ago we were having a party at the Villa, and this one Imp got stuck in a crack in the wall. When he pulled himself out, he accidentally shot a missile. Hit me right in the left breast, and it stung for like three days afterward. So, no more Imps on the island.


Imps are small winged demonic creatures. They are mischievous, and enjoy vandalizing homes, castles, or any other structure they can reach. Because they are relatively weak alone, they are under vassalage to the Succubi to the north, and cannot stray too far from their protection.

Imps have one attack, the Missile, which comes out very quickly and very often. With multiple Imps on screen, dodging everything can be very tricky, but possible. Stick to the sides of the screen if at all possible, and keep swinging.