Guardian Dragon
Guardian Dragon
The Guardian Dragon unleashes his Fire Breath
Vital statistics
Title Guardian Dragon
Gender Male
Element Fire
Health High
Location Gate, Area 14

The Guardian Dragon is the Area 14 boss. He becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the Tower, the Cape, and the Stronghold.

Defeating the Guardian Dragon will yield anywhere between 100,000-700,000 Gold. He can also drop any jewel in place of a bag of Gold.


The Guardian Dragon is a Dragon who has been put at the eastern watch of the famed dragon's head island. As there is no other way to access the island, he is a one-way ticket in, and his track record of victories is immense. He has more ways of killing adventurers than any other Dragon in the world.


Needless to say, he is massive and moves very slowly. His attacks are extremely powerful, however:

  • Spiral Blast. The Guardian Dragon will launch four particles, like in a Spiral, but they will periodically explode as they extend outward.
  • Fire Breath. The Guardian Dragon will spew a line of large fiery particles in a horizontal line from its mouth. Fire Breath extends all the way across the screen, but only lasts for about three seconds.
  • Tri-Shot Breath. The Guardian Dragon will fire three lines of particles similar to those of a Spiral Blast, one heading horizontally, and one each 45 degrees above and below.

These attacks generally only come out one at a time, but each one covers a large area of the screen.


All three of his attacks are very dangerous, so any length you can get from him is a luxury. If you can afford it, get a screen-cleaning sword, and probably Chaser, though Chaser is not as necessary here.

Of his three attacks, Spiral Blast is the least predictable, as far as where the blasts will hit, but there are a couple patterns. Most of the time, the blasts will form a kind of diamond or square - if you get close to three (without getting hit, of course), the fourth will miss you.

If you feel nervous about your dodging ability, get at least 50 points of Vitality before the fight, as well as fully-upgraded armor. Nin Nin is also very helpful, as if you get by one Spiral Blast, she can heal you enough to survive another. Don't expect her to last to the end of the battle, though.

Finally, try never to be in front of where he is facing - Fire Breath is easy enough to dodge, but Tri-Shot Breath is a different story, and you don't want to be caught between two of the streams.