Enchanter location

The Enchanter's location on the world map.

The Enchanter is where the player may infuse equipment with elemental properties (using jewels) that can modify damage dealt and received.

When a piece of equipment is enchanted with a jewel, its affinity to the element of that jewel will increase by one level, while its affinity to the opposite element will decrease by one level. For instance, enchanting something with five Topaz will yield enchantments of 5 Earth and -5 Wind.

It is possible to enchant equipment with up to three different elements, as long as those elements are not opposites of each other (so, for example, a piece cannot have positive levels for both Fire and Water at the same time).


Inside the Enchanter.

Enchanting SwordsEdit

Enchant fire weapon Enchant water weapon Enchant wind weapon Enchant earth weapon Enchant light weapon Enchant dark weapon

Enchanting a sword with jewels will increase the elemental power of that sword, dealing more damage to enemies with a weakness to that element. This is especially useful against some late-game bosses, against whom raising a weapon's element may be more effective than increasing weapon level or strength. Interestingly, Area 9's boss, Efreet, cannot be defeated without a sword enchanted with Water.

Of course, increasing a certain type of enchantment will also decrease the power of the element that is its opposite, which can reduce damage dealt to some enemies. For instance, Area 10's boss, the Lizard Assassin, is weak to Fire-elemental damage - this means the Water-elemental weapon that was used to defeat Efreet is a very poor choice for fighting him.

Enchanting ArmorEdit

Enchant fire armor Enchant water armor Enchant wind armor Enchant earth armor Enchant light armor Enchant dark armor

Enchanting armor with jewels will increase the elemental resistance of that armor, reducing damage received from enemies of that element. This is very useful against late-game bosses, who tend to do a lot of damage with hard-to-dodge attacks, even with the maximum armor level of 9 and some Vitality.

Of course, this enchantment will also decrease its opposite, which increases damage received from enemies of that element. This is most evident with the Hyper Armor, which has, among other factors, a -9999 resistance to three elements.