Elven Archer
Elven Archer
The Elven Archer unleashes a flurry of arrows
Vital statistics
Title Elven Archer
Gender Male
Element None
Health Low
Location Village, Area 2

The Elven Archer is the Area 2 boss. He becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the Supply Base, the Shelterbelt, and the Square.

Defeating the Elven Archer will yield anywhere between 3000-9000 Gold.


The Elven Archer lives in a small lumber community in the southern forests. While no actual elves exist in this realm, he is without a doubt the best archer in the world. He often challenges adventurers or travelers to friendly skirmishes - even though people often do get hurt in these battles.


The Elven Archer is one of the faster enemies in the game, and he often changes direction and orientation very quickly. He has one attack, the Tri-Arrow, which shoots out three Missiles in rapid succession straight left or right, depending on which way he is facing.


Especially for a newer player, his speed and attacks together make him very unpredictable and difficult to hit effectively. Because he is so nimble, and changes direction so often, he could potentially be firing the Tri-Arrow attack all over the screen. As soon as the attack begins, get as far above or below him as you can, then go right back in once the coast is clear.

If you hang slightly below his level, you may be able to hit him without being shot by the Tri-Arrow.