Efreet schemes for the next day's mischief
Vital statistics
Title Efreet
Gender Male
Element Fire
Health Varies
Location Island, Area 9

Efreet is the Area 9 boss. He becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the Foot, the Nest, and the Beach.

Defeating Efreet will yield anywhere between 30,000-200,000 Gold. He can also drop Ruby in place of a bag of Gold.


Efreet is a Demon who was once a prison guard in Hell. Wanting to join the demonic legions in this world, he escaped and wound up being too weak for the Demon army. Enraged, he left the dragon's head island and went southwest, contaminating a small islet off the northwestern coast of the mainland. His anger ran so deep that he was completely engulfed in Fire - to this day, he spews forth an endless stream of fiery rage. More than that, his Fire affiliation has become so powerful that only the power of the opposing element can snuff his wrath.


Efreet moves slowly, but has every Fire attack the player has seen thus far. This includes:

  • Missile
  • Tri-Shot
  • Spiral
  • Flower Blast
  • Missile Storm

He will generally send out multiple attacks per second, often in a constant stream which quickly renders a large area of the screen unusable.


Efreet is unique in that he can only be damaged by Water-based swords. Use the Enchanter in Area 5 to imbue a sword with Aquamarine so that it can puncture his defenses. 10 will likely be enough, but feel free to use more, as each Aquamarine will speed up the fight and make it more survivable. The best way of obtaining Aquamarines is Poseidon, who will drop on average one per round.

Vitality shouldn't be a problem, especially with more than 10 Water, as long as you can dodge well. Investing in a larger sword will improve your chances.