Death as seen in the Library
Vital statistics
Title Death
Gender Male
Element Dark
Health Medium-High
Location Pit, Area 15

Death is the Area 15 boss. He becomes available for challenge once the player has conquered the Steeple, the Uninhabited Castle, the Fortress, and the Dungeon.

Defeating Death will yield anywhere between 100,000-500,000 Gold, and he can also drop any kind of Jewel.


Death, the Grim Reaper, just a hooded skeleton, and many more epithets have been bestowed upon this seemingly immortal and darkest of creatures. At the same time, he is never the last challenge - instead, he is the servant of another and even more powerful entity. Death guards the way to the head of this draconic island, making sure that every adventurer that dares to step foot on it will not live to see the next dawn.


Death moves around the screen at moderate speed. He has two attacks:

  • Death Sickle. Death fires a large, flashing blue-cyan crescent which takes off in a random curve away from Death. If the curve heads in the player's direction, it will try to home in.
  • Onix Bolt. Death fires three blue bolts which home in on the player. As the bolts move, they give off a harmful blue and black trail. The bolts dissipate after about five seconds, but move quite quickly, and can veer off screen and come back around.

Additionally, Death can become completely invincible for about five seconds. He may phase out partially, or he may just move normally, but either way, neither sword nor Magic can harm him.


Death is relatively large, taking up a sizable portion of the screen. Due to the size of the Death Sickles and Death himself, as well as the strong homing property of Onix Bolt, it can be difficult to dodge all of his projectiles. To be on the safe side, consider equipping Dark-enchanted armor for increased resistance, and a Light-enchanted weapon for increased damage. Most importantly, make sure your sword has screen-wide coverage, and definitely grab the Chaser spell, which should not be very expensive at this point. Besides doing more damage, Chaser will also let you know when Death becomes invulnerable and/or vulnerable - during that time, you can take a short break from clicking, which could help you last the fight.

Watch closely for the trajectory of the Death Sickles, as they will be his primary source of damage to you. Don't just move up or down to dodge them, as they have some homing ability - try to move towards Death at the same time, which lessens the amount of time the Sickle has to correct for your position.


Death being the guardian of another, more powerful creature is a well-known and seemingly ironic trope from the Castlevania series. Both Ginormo Sword and Castlevania were originally made in Japan.