Dark Mist
Dark Mist
The Dark Mist sprays an area with Tri-Shot
Vital statistics
Title Dark Mist
Gender Unknown
Element None
Health Low
Location Valley, Area 4

The Dark Mist is the Area 4 boss. It becomes available for challenge after the player conquers the Waste, the Mountain Trail, the Volcano, and the Peak.

Defeating the Dark Mist yields anywhere from 8000-25,000 Gold.


The Dark Mist is a collection of gasses and other dust particles that have collected in the mountain valley. The nearby Volcano projects a lot of ash and heat into this area, and so this mist is much more dangerous than it might first appear.


While large, the Dark Mist moves pretty slowly. It has one attack, the Tri-Shot, which fires three missiles, one aimed at the player, and one each ten degrees above and below.


As you might expect, the only weapon capable of damaging the Dark Mist is Magic, however the Magic Missile works surprisingly well here because the Dark Mist is so large. Your only challenge will be weaving through the Tri-Shots, as it tends to fire off many at a time. Try to stay to one side of the screen and stay parallel with him as much as possible.