The Avatar
The Avatar as seen in the Library
Vital statistics
Title Avatar
Gender Unknown
Element Light
Health High
Location The Moon

The Avatar is the true final boss of the game. It is so far away from your origins that it is not even found on the map - instead, it lives on the moon, where it awaits those who have passed its various tests and conquered every obstacle there is.


The Avatar is a mythical entity which by some is considered a god, by others an idol, by others still just a legend. It is the face of the four Shrines found around the map, perhaps to make them seem more human - though his profile is quite intimidating nonetheless.

Like many powerful beings, the Avatar watches its domain from the wings, making sure the world remains stable. Whether it actually is responsible for this world, or its denizens, is unknown.


The Avatar possesses almost every attack in the game - and it fires them off so fast that its projectiles quickly fill the screen. It moves rather slowly, and generally stays in the center.


Before becoming worthy to challenge the Avatar, the player must go through a very long, and often tedious, process. Once the player defeats the False God and equips the Trophy of Glory, the four Shrines around the map offer special challenges. The player must conquer all four challenges to be able to leave the world and head to the moon, where the Avatar waits.

Without the proper equipment, however, beating the Avatar cannot be done, as it will quickly destroy anybody that attacks unprepared.

The goal now is to find a weapon and armor that can last the battle. Luckily, such things exist and are somewhat easy to find. First, the Avatar is extremely weak to dark energy - by enchanting a sword with a couple hundred Onix, the Avatar will fall within a few minutes. The only armor that can stand against the Avatar's assaults is Hyper Armor, which is specially crafted for this fight - the Golden Knight drops it the first time he is killed.

Before heading off to the moon, make sure your Vitality stat is at least 500, as you cannot hope to dodge everything the Avatar throws at you.

The actual fight is pretty simple - dodge projectiles where possible and keep swinging. You might want to equip the Coin of Bravery as you can hug the edge of the screen, where the projectiles won't be as dense. By doing this, you can also avoid its Heart attack, which is very dangerous as any window where you can't attack it could swing the odds against you.


  • Like the False God, the Avatar is assigned a random string of characters every time you fight it. This string is never longer than five letters, but can be as short as two. Given enough time, you may eventually encounter an Avatar 'of' actual words or places.