There are five different types of Armor available. Each armor has its own armor level, which reduces the amount of damage received from all attacks. The maximum armor level is 9. Armor levels can be increased at the Armorsmith in Area 8.

Each armor can be enchanted with its own element levels.

Leather ArmorEdit

Leather Armor

Leather Armor is the starting armor that the player begins a new game with. It starts at level 1 with no enchantments.

Scale ArmorEdit

Scale Armor

Scale Armor can be bought from the Port in Area 5 for 250,000 Gold. It starts at level 2 with no enchantments.



Chainmail can be bought from the Port in Area 5 for 1,000,000 gold. It starts at level 3 with no enchantments.

Plate MailEdit

Plate Mail

Plate Mail can be bought from the Port in Area 5 for 2,000,000 gold. It starts at level 4 with no enchantments.

Hyper ArmorEdit

Hyper Armor

Hyper Armor is obtained from the Golden Knight in Area 14. Though visually identical to the Plate Mail, the Hyper Armor starts at level 9 and comes with 9999 resistance to the Fire, Earth, and Light elements. However, it has a -9999 resistance to the somewhat-common Water, Wind, and Dark elements. Combined with the fact that it cannot be obtained until late in the game, the Hyper Armor is largely useless except against the final boss, and to a lesser extent, the Guardian Dragon.


Armorsmith location

The Armorsmith's location on the world map.

The Armorsmith is a small craft works found on a western island in Area 8. Here, the player can level up armor to make it more resistant to attacks. The cost of leveling up the armor is

(current level) * 1,000,000,

However since armor cannot go past level 9, it would only require a maximum of 36,000,000 Gold (for Leather Armor) and down to 30,000,000 for Plate Mail.


Inside the Armorsmith.