Abyss Worm
Abyss worm
The Abyss Worm as seen in the Library
Vital statistics
Title Abyss Worm
Gender Unknown
Element None
Health High
Location Temple of the Sun, Area 11
Temple of the sun location

The Temple of the Sun's location on the world map.

The Abyss Worm is a red-eyed black worm. It moves quite quickly, and attacks with a burst of three Tri-Lightning attacks. To the unprepared adventurer, it can be very dangerous. It is found in the Temple of the Sun in Area 11, which opens only after the Snow Queen is defeated.

When it is killed, it drops the Shockwave spell.


Legend says the Abyss Worm was born from a sunspot, and represents the innermost darkness in every spirit - in fact, the so-called "Temple of the Sun" is a very dark and foreboding place, suggesting that the Abyss Worm is so dark that it has the power to alter its surroundings. It channels the power of the sun, shooting fierce heat waves at its enemies.


The only surefire way to kill the Abyss Worm is to use a sword that can cover the whole screen, or at least most of it. The Abyss Worm moves so quickly that most Magic will be useless, and even Chaser has trouble keeping up with it. If you do intend on using Magic to some extent, bear in mind that only the worm's head will sustain damage. Otherwise, its attacks are easy to dodge, and while under attack it moves slowly enough that you can dodge if it gets near you.